Petrobras, the largest company in Brasil, celebrated his 60th anniversary.

And to celebrate, we wanted to highlight the essential Brazilian characteristic:
being an inspiring people.

Gente. É o que inspira a gente.

“People inspire us"

From this, we’ve searched ways to inspire people to know and share inspiring stories.
We created the largest network of inspiration in the world:

We created an environment with testimonials and stories
of the Brazilians and the company itself.

Throughout the year we produced commercials, documentaries, newspaper and magazine ads,
collaborative ads, cards, songs, short films, special reports, applications, exhibitions,
actions with gamers, actions with bloggers, promotional actions.

We asked to people: What inspires you?
And they told us, by videos, posts, Instagram Photos, Youtube,
Facebook, Pinterest and Google +.

With that, the network #meinspira gain life.

To finish, we launched the series "A Origem da inspiração"

It was five Short Films, made by promissing brazillians directors,
and shown in almost 900 cinema rooms.


We showed the Brazil who inspire Petrobras
and the Petrobras who inspires Brazil.